What are you grateful for?
What do you yearn for?

RebeccaRebecca asked these two questions to people she came to know in Cuba. Then invited them to create DUAL PIECES OF ART expressing their response. This exhibit features their art and gives you an opportunity to respond also.

Join an exchange — that goes beyond politics and belief systems and speaks to the greater truths of being human.

So Little, So Much is a project about people. Having lived and worked in many countries including the United States, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Israel, England, and Cuba, it is clear to me this wondrous world is made up of countless narratives and truths – all existing simultaneously. Understanding so many realities and worldviews is not easy or dare I say, even possible. It’s complex, contrasting and continually evolving. When encountering difference (whether it’s personal, cultural, racial, religious or political), the questions we ask can really frame the answers we receive. And my observation is we’re often unaware of how much bias is inherent in our questions.

In 2013, at a time when the US embargo towards Cuba was in full effect, I asked Cuban people these two universal questions. Then invited them to create dual pieces of art expressing their response. Participants ranged in age from 10 to 64. Their enthusiasm for the project moved me. Their responses are evocative, passionate and revealing of our inherent sameness as human beings.

In sharing this art my hope is to create an exchange between Cuban and American people. USA-Cuban relations have been hostile for over fifty years. Travel, diplomacy, business, art, media and communications have been significantly limited during this time. Life in Cuba is challenging with frequent scarcity.

Yet Cuban and American people have much in common.

If this art moves you, please share your thoughts and feelings with the creators. If you feel inspired to express your response to these questions, I would LOVE to receive and share your art. Let’s create an exchange around questions that matter. Questions that create understanding and connection between people.

We invite you to express yourself

We invite you to express yourself

Does this art move you?

Please share your thoughts and feelings with the creators. English and Spanish welcome. Let's create an exchange.

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