Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Are you feeling inspired to express your response to these two questions?

What are you grateful for?
What do you yearn for?

Then please join the exchange!


  • Create two pieces of art – 5×8 inches in size
  • All mediums are invited – collage, text, paint, ink, pencil and anything else.
  • Give them a title
  • Photograph and email to
  • Include your name, age, city and country, email address and art titles. (Only art titles will be shared publicly).
  • Instructions will then be sent for where to mailĀ art pieces.

Exhibits are currently being planned in Cuba and the United States for 2017. Exhibits are set up as an exchange where viewers are invited to respond to your art. Art pieces may also appear on website and Facebook page.

We invite you to express yourself

We invite you to express yourself

Does this art move you?

Please share your thoughts and feelings with the creators. English and Spanish welcome. Let's create an exchange.

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Stay tuned for future show dates.